About us

About us

Igmar Company

Igmar Company is the official and licensed Manning Agency for the recruitment of Russian seamen. Each owner has many alternatives and makes various combinations to solve his crewing needs. Igmar has all ways and alternative solutions, which safeguard the Owner from undesirable situations. Our seamen pool can meet whatever crew requirements from a single rating up to a full crew. On short notice, we stand ready to dispatch crew to any part of the world for ships of any type and size.

Our seamen pass through our stiff path of requirements and are employed only if they manage to prove their competency and ability. In addition, they have to be successful with all medical and psychological examinations. Most important, they must all hold respective Licenses, Certificates, Endorsements and Authentications of all there documents as per STCW’2010 Convention.
Igmar Co staff and Management have long experience in the Manning sector, which guarantees promt and efficient response.

Full particulars pertaining to seamen’s terms of employment, contracts, circulars, certificates, documents etc, are being sent to ship’s Master and Owner. We maintain full records for all seamen employed and we guide the Master and the Owner accordingly, through our circulars and letters.

All our seamen, prior joining they are required to undergo a 3 days intensive training seminar within our premises, concerning SOLAS Courses, which is not only refreshing their knowledge about Safety but also consists of prejoining safety familiarization.

ISM Code and STCW’2010 Convension, have been fully implemented by Igmar Co and all seamen prior employment they are fully oriented on the ISM Code provisions and Company’s (Owner) Polices. Necessary forms are filled-up and signed as per individual Owners’ manuals.

Морское агенство ЗАО «Игмар» — г. Москва, производит набор квалифицированных морских специалистов (командный и рядовой состав), владеющих английским с опытом работы на судах иностранных судовладельцев. Есть срочные вакансии на Танкера, Химовозы, Контейнеровозы, Балкера, Буксиры. Все морские документы должны соответствовать конвенция ПДМНВ-78/95/2010(с поправками). Моряки , удовлетворяющие вышеуказанным требованиям, могут присылать заполненные анкеты для рассмотрения на наш электронный адрес или факс указанные на сайте. Наша анкета (в формате: документ Word97) находится здесь же. Все анкеты рассматриваются в день получения и в случае заинтересованности в данном специалисте, ему будет отправлено предложение о трудоустройстве, или дана информация о перспективах трудоустройства. Трудоустройство моряков производится в Европейские и Азиатские судоходные компании.